Peer review documents

Peer review documents include those high academic level documents that have been submitted to a journal and a panel of experts have assessed it and were approved to be published:

  • Coppock, A.G., González-Murcia, S.O., Srinivasan, M. et al. Different responses of coral and rubble-dwelling coral reef damselfishes (Family: Pomacentridae) to chemosensory cues from coral reef microhabitats. Mar Biol 167, 74 (2020).
  • González-Murcia S., S. Álvarez Calderón, Alvarado Larios R., Marín Martínez C. Angulo A. 2019. The ichthyology collection at the Natural History Museum of El Salvador (MUHNES): Species checklist and new country records. Zootaxa. Vol 4559, No 2: 20 Feb.
  • González-Murcia S., S. Álvarez Calderón. 2018. Your place, my place… Distribution of Agonostomus monticula and Sycidium multipunctatum in Acahuapa Watershed.  89: 854-864. Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad.
  • González-Murcia S., F. Chicas Batres, Mauricio Hernán Lovo. 2016. Community structure and height distribution of intertidal rockpool fish in Los Cóbanos, El Salvador. Panamerican Journal of Aquatic Science. Accepted.
  • González-Murcia, S. & Hernández N. 2013. Length-weight relationship and diet of the deep-sea demersal fish Lophiodes spirulus (Lophiidae) in El Salvador Pacific waters. 2013 Revista Mesoamericana 17(1):35-43
  • González-Murcia, S.; C. Marín-Martínez; A. Ayala-Bocos. 2012. Intertidal rockpool icthyofauna of El Pital, La Libertad, El Salvador. CheckList. 8(6):1216-1219.
  • González-Murcia, S. & Marín, C. 2011. First record of the clingfish Tomicodon zebra (Pisces: Gobiesocidae) from El Salvador waters. Marine Biodiversity Records. 4:e50.