Peer review documents

Peer review documents include those high academic level documents that have been submitted to a journal and a panel of experts have assessed it and were approved to be published:

  • González-Murcia S, Coppock AG, Ekins M, Battershill C, Jones GP (2021) Effects of exposure, bathymetry (depth) and aspect on sponge communities on a coral reef. Marine Ecology Progress Series DOI:
  • S. Álvarez Calderón, González-Murcia S., McMahan C. Matamoros W. 2021. Cyprinodontiform fishes of El Salvador. UNED Research Journal 13(1), DOI: 10.22458/urj.v13i1.3303e913099
  • González-Murcia S., S. Erdmann, Alvarado Larios R. 2020. Is this rock pool suitable habitat? Fish diversity in intertidal rock pools of El Zonte, El Salvador. Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad. Vol 91, e913099.  DOI:
  • Coppock, A.G., González-Murcia, S.O., Srinivasan, M. et al. Different responses of coral and rubble-dwelling coral reef damselfishes (Family: Pomacentridae) to chemosensory cues from coral reef microhabitats. Mar Biol 167, 74 (2020).
  • González-Murcia S., S. Álvarez Calderón, Alvarado Larios R., Marín Martínez C. Angulo A. 2019. The ichthyology collection at the Natural History Museum of El Salvador (MUHNES): Species checklist and new country records. Zootaxa. Vol 4559, No 2: 20 Feb.
  • González-Murcia S., S. Álvarez Calderón. 2018. Your place, my place… Distribution of Agonostomus monticula and Sycidium multipunctatum in Acahuapa Watershed.  89: 854-864. Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad.
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  • González-Murcia, S. & Hernández N. 2013. Length-weight relationship and diet of the deep-sea demersal fish Lophiodes spirulus (Lophiidae) in El Salvador Pacific waters. 2013 Revista Mesoamericana 17(1):35-43
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  • González-Murcia, S. & Marín, C. 2011. First record of the clingfish Tomicodon zebra (Pisces: Gobiesocidae) from El Salvador waters. Marine Biodiversity Records. 4:e50.