Non Peer Review

Non peer review documents are those that were prepared and presented in special events but did not undergo a formal revision for a panel of experts. However, the information contained in the documents is still useful and of top of the line quality.

  • González-Murcia S., S. Álvarez Calderón 2017. Your place, my place… Distribution of Agonostomus monticula and Sycidium multipunctatum in Acahuapa Watershed. Poster Presented in the: Congreso Latinoamericano de Ictiología, El Salvador, Noviembre de 2017.
  • Marín-Martínez C., González-Murcia S., Funes Rodríguez R., Chicas Batres F.  2015. Ichthyoplankton from a Tropical Estuary in the Central American Coast. 38th Annual Larval Fish Conference, Canada