The official list of Fishes of El Salvador recognizes the occurrence of 587 species! Including freshwater and marine fishes. However, there is a lot of work to do and many things to discover! Perhaps in the near future we could add some species more!

As we expected! in 2016 Angulo et. al. described a new species for the world just off the shores of El Salvador at depths between 1368–1406 named Leptoderma ospesca. The Holotype of this species is deposited in the United States Nacional Museum under the code: USNM 421478,  and its size is  197 mm of Standard Length.





Leptoderma ospesca. Photo. Arturo Angulo



If you are interested in the full article you can visit:


Or search for this reference online:

Angulo A, Balwin C, Robertson DR (2016). A new species of Leptoderma Vaillant, 1886 (Osmeriformes: Alepocephalidae) from the Pacific coast of Central America. Zootaxa (4): 493–500

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